About Us


Being a strategic sustainable development active and engaged organisation influencing social upliftment and transformation.


Create the necessary normative framework responsive to local needs and problems based on local knowledge and commitment, skills to adapt development programmes and projects to local conditions, committed to popular participate , work closely with poor, vulnerable refugees, migrants and local Children, women and  youth .


Strive for education, economic empowerment, gender equality and health of refugees, migrants and local children, women and youth.


Our inspiration and belief rely in dignity, unity, peace, consultation, service standards, access, courtesy, information, openness   and transparency.



The Vision for the Development of Fizi (Videfi) NGO was named  originally from a Group of men and women from Fizi Land( a rural, belligerent , victim  Territory of Fizi, South Kivu province in the  Eastern of Democratic Republic of Congo)  inspired by a change belief, dreaming  converting the vulnerability  state of Fizi and its people to  prosperity with attractive and influents people, major actors in Development. The organization was formed 16th November 2008 in a belief to ensure welfare building, assist to bring development and wellbeing amongst   most vulnerable populations, fighting for massive human rights violation and mass atrocities fate. Registered in South Africa 2010, Democratic Republic of  Congo  in 2017, and 2019 in the United States of America,  under Registration Processes in  Canada


in the Republic of South Africa, the Vision for the Development of Fizi (Videfi) is an Association incorporated under section 21, company Act61,1973, as a company not having a share capital Reg2010/008859/08, Tax Exempted Public Benefit Organization(PBO) No.930034884 ; Custom Clearance No.221117115 


en Republique Democratique du Congo régit par la loi N° 004 du 20 juillet 2001 ; Enregistrement No:055/2017 du Ministere des Affaires sociales Action Humanitaire et Solidarite Nationale; Enregistrement No:5011/0433/DAGP/SG/AGRI.PE.EL/17, Arrete Ministeriel No041/CAB/MIN/AGRI/ABC/LTN/2018 DU 13JAN2018 du Ministere del’Agriculture, Peche et Elevage.   Division Provinciale  duSud Kivu, Ministere dela Justice et Droits Humains, Certificat de Depot No. Just.112/S-KV/3338/2011 ; Territoire de Fizi, Decision No.5072/30/BUR.AT/TF/2013 portant autorisation provisoire de fonctionnement dela Videfi ASBL


in the United States of America, North Carolina, Department of the Secretary of State, Articles of Incorporation of Vision for the Developnent of Fizi, Certification#C201907207431-1


in the process of registration in  Burundi,Tanzania and  Canada

VIDEFI is an organisation led by young women and men determined to make difference in their communities. Inspired the desired to serve the under privileged and will to be the missing voice of the voiceless. All is possible when determination meets the burning selfless desire to serve!

Ebalo Heri

Executive director

Isambetcho Kiza


Donald Tabia

Deputy Coordinator